True Story Nadeem Masih

Nadeem Masih is boned labor at brick kiln factory. He has four children. His was also help him with his work at brick kiln yard. Nadeem has also very sad story. He was living criminal life, gambling, thieving and quarrel was his routine. He was totally trapped by evil and when God caught him , everything was changed , He left all evil and criminal activities. His family expelled him from all assets and households so he migrated to other area and started new life. But this new life was started new issues, problems and new temptations. He suffered in kidney disease and his family has also sever medical issue.  
New life with God was new challenged of poverty, diseases and social issues. Nobody was agreed to stand with us. One day our local pastor bring us to his house for prayer and worship . We prayed for his family and children .
We decided to help him financially and support him to revive his prosperity because he accept Jesus as savior and got ready to lift his cross himself. So this our all duty to stand with him and support him to stay with new life of faith and support his family.
Needs :
He needs support and prayer may God give his new life with new prosperity so that he may education his children and provide medical facility to his wife.