True Story Zara Liaqat

Name : Zara Liaqat
Gender : Female
Age: 7 years
Status : Motherless, Father is bonded labor and no shelter  

Zara is 7 years old female child is working with her Aunty at brick kiln yard. She has very sad story in her little age.  She was only 3 year old when her mother died and father was working with brick kiln factory. Her mother was so sick and her father so poor who could not afford the medical expense therefore they have to lend money as loan from the master. They whole family was working there just to pay survival for living life. So they took loan for medical expense but Zara’s mother died and loan was on interest which was impossible to pay back. So loan was frequently increased and Zara’s father was bond to work there until the return of the lent money and other side Zara had become lonely, mother was died and father was prisoner by lords. Zara was just little child but lonely was given shelter by her Aunt but that was another problem.

Zara has to go for work on brick kiln yard and to earn for daily bread. She has given specific target as condition for daily bread. Poor Zara is now forsaken from mother and father.
It is requested to all friends if you feel that Jesus came for poor and forsaken , we should act upon the teaching of Jesus Christ to put hands on the should shoulders of poor, deserving and orphan children.